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I see, hear, speak....Well, I write here too..
Food/transport Free 
9th-Dec-2009 02:08 pm
Food and Transport is free at work since Monday. Which also means, employees will come, go, eat their breakfast, lunch at the timings decided by the Management. Well, since I stay close to work(7 kms), I still have an option of choosing the facility based on my convenience. It is wise though not to miss the free things in life.

The first time, I heard this news, I was quite happy welcoming the change, I planned to convert all my kitchen time into fitness time. Man proposes, laziness overrides better. 3 days since the change, all idle time has been converted into sleep time till now. Well, new routines take time to set in, I hope it does soon.

We also have this beautiful message which flashes on the Intranet Homepage with "Your Today's Time-In is " and they have separate color for Early(Green)/Late(Red), which will haunt you for the rest of the day if you are late. And then we have this My_Attendance_Report similar to your school report card, with detailed late time and cumulative late time minus some 101 flexible_working_hours_limit parameters. Well, the report card does not tell you that irrespective of flexible timings, if you come late, you miss free food, the token system shuts down at 8.15 am sharp. Interesting Math, the HR, Facilities and IS teams can expect a good hike this year, and the rest of us folks, dont miss school anymore.

And since food is free and its the first week on free food, we dont see the house-wives's husbands with Tupperware tiffin boxes anymore. We stand along with them in the long queues. Some people though continue to bring their food. And the general junta looking at the statistics of men carrying their home-cooked food made an observation that, we now know whose wife cooks really good. The rest seem happy to be off their wives culinary skills experiments ! I also met somebody extra-ordinary who still brings his wife's morning cooked upma but eats his free breakfast and lunch at the office cafeteria. He eats his wife's food as an evening snack, bcos the evening snacks are paid and not free.

Well, not to mention about the extra calories I am consuming in the form of parathas, oil and sweets. I do have considerate team-mates..Like today, they let me eat only a spoon of carrot halwa and leave the rest to the bin. I am blessed with diet-coordinators around! This blog post evolved out of self-sympathy actually :)
12th-Dec-2009 03:00 am (UTC)
so does all the employees ride together to work with the new transportation facility?..it reminded me of school bus and the fun ride to school with all my buddies!!!

PS:If you have a vacancy at your office let me know, i would LOVE to work at a place with free parathas and sweets :D
20th-Dec-2009 06:17 pm (UTC)
Whr do yu work.. le me post resume ovr thr..
20th-Dec-2009 06:18 pm (UTC)
Whr do yu work.. le me post resume ovr thr..
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